About Monica

  Living LIfe Through the Lens and Speaking About It!

 From Detroit to the Entire World, Bringing her Stories to Light! 

meet monica morgan

 “It’s the ability to capture moments that make history. . . It’s those moments, through the lens, that make stories worth telling,” – Monica Morgan

Monica Morgan’s credits are so prolific that listing them all can be overwhelming. Her career has taken her from her roots in Detroit, MI to the entire world, earning her well-deserved international recognition and honors along the way. 

Monica has photographed many of the figures who are a part of our modern history such as: Muhammed Ali; Muammar Gaddafi; George W. Bush; Prince Charles; Aretha Franklin; Coleman Young, III.; Oprah, President Barack and First Lady, Michelle Obama, just to name a few.  Morgan also had the honor of  serving as the official personal photographer for Civil Rights icon Rosa Parks for years. However, her story doesn’t end there. . 

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Dr. Maya Angelou

Monica’s great success as a photographer afforded her a lifestyle many only dream of – world travel, direct access to celebrities, and having her work featured in major publications . She met and married the man of her dreams and lived in a world of exciting experiences and VIP treatment.


However, the life that she knew changed completely, without warning. She went from newlywed to widow and faced accusations resulting in a prison term before she truly had a chance to mourn. Life as she knew it was no more. 


Now, Monica channels these and other life experiences and emotions to inspire and motivate others as a visual and transformational  speaker. Her journey from Detroit to the Global Stage to prison and wherever life leads her next gives her valuable perspective to draw upon and makes her relatable to a wide range of audiences.  Her unique life story continues to be written but enables her to  inspire and educate others in the meantime!  

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